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Welcome to The "Plan Enroll" Medicare Prescription Drug Plan...Part "D" and the Medicare Advantage Part "C" Enrollment Link. 

Welcome to the “Baby Boomer Plan Finder” website.

You can personally enroll online into the available plans listed in the “Plan Enroll” enrollment link shown below….Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans .

Follow the simple steps …One thru Five …to assist you in getting prepared for your online enrollment into the plan of your choice, Medicare Advantage Part “C” or a Medicare Prescription Drug Part “D” plan.
Your enrollment period may be based on your aging into Medicare, but already eligible for Medicare.

Turning 65 for the 1st time…pick the plan of your choice...

Leaving your Group Insurance plan for retirement....pick the plan of your choice....

For existing Medicare beneficiaries...I am able to accept enrollments or changes to your existing Medicare Prescription Drug Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans with new applications starting on October 15th thru December 7th each year during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.
So, as an added convenience to all of my existing or new customers, I have developed this website for those of you who wish to make a change online to your existing Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan using this website.

As an added service, we can review all of your prescription drug needs over the phone, in advance of your online enrollment to the plan of your choice. The Medicare Drug Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans may be limited to the individual insurance carriers that I'm appointed with and not all of the Medicare Plans approved in the State of Kentucky or Indiana.

For a full selection of all approved Medicare Prescription Drug plans or Medicare Advantage insurance plans in the state of Kentucky or Indiana, I would suggest that you visit to obtain a full list of the plans and their benefits.

Hopefully, the use of this website will help each and every one of my present and prospective customers make Dchanges to their Medicare Plan of choice before the last day of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period…. which is December 7th.

In previous years, some of my present customers waited until the last days and minutes to make a change, which they could not make due to running out of time on the last days of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period which runs from October 15th thru December 7th.

“Lets take it one step at a time with your Medicare Plan Enrollment. 

Start here, follow the individual steps so that you are ready to choose the Medicare Advantage Part “C” plan or the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan Part “D” available to you on this website. 

Read some of the helpful notes below and scroll down to the start point with Step One..then go to Step Two and follow the instructions until you have gathered most of the important information you will need to self enroll into the Medicare plan of your choice online. ”

Step 1

Prescription Drugs… If you are going to self-enroll using the "Plan Enroll" link, develop a list of all of your existing drugs that you are using at the present. If you are going to do research as to which plan works best for you, you will need a prescription drug list.

Step 2

KNOW YOUR ZIP CODE….all plans use your zip code in determining which Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan you are eligible to enroll with.

Step 3

PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN NAME..If you are enrolling into a Medicare Advantage Plan, be sure to have your primary care physicians name, telephone number and street address, zip code also….

Step 4

E-MAIL ADDRESS…Upon your completed enrollment into the Medicare Plan of your choice, you will receive an e-mail response to verify your enrollment.

Step 5

If you get hung up in the details, stuck on a question or if your computer won't function, call me at (502) 262-6859 to help you resolve the issue. We will get through this together…..
Fast, safe, quick, and easy online enrollment with the "Plan Enroll" Enrollment link. 
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